How to Install and Play GOG Games on Linux

Gaming on Linux has made great strides in recent years. Gone are the days when playing Steam or GOG games on Linux was unimaginable. Playing GOG’s massive library of games on your Linux machine is not only possible, but surprisingly easy.

Thanks to Linux apps like Lutris and Heroic Games Launcher, you can install and play GOG games in no time.

Pour some wine for your Windows-based GOG games

Wine manager and settings windows for Heroic Games Launcher and Lutris
How to Install and Play GOG Games on Linux

Playing GOG games on Linux isn’t as simple as double-clicking your game’s EXE files on Windows. While there are some GOG games with native Linux ports, most of their games are designed for Windows. To play Windows-based PC games, Linux gamers use Wine, a compatibility layer that allows Linux users to run EXE files. They also use Valve’s Proton, which is designed to run Windows games.

Both Lutris and Heroic Games Launcher use Wine and Proton to run GOG Windows games on Linux. Both apps check for new versions of Wine, Proton, and other similar community builds. With these applications, you will be able to play your favorite games on Linux without much trouble.

Disco Elysium page of the ProtonDB website

Undoubtedly, players also use ProtonDB to check how well your games run on Linux. This is a useful site for finding out which version and configuration of Wine works best for a particular game. Most, if not all, GOG games are in the ProtonDB database.

Installation of GOG games through Lutris

Lutris website
Installation of GOG games through Lutris

Lutris is a game client that brings games made for Windows to your Linux desktop. Lutris imports your games from sources like Origin, Steam, Ubisoft Connect, and GOG. It is convenient to gather all your game libraries in one application.

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Once you’ve installed Lutris, make sure you have up-to-date versions of Wine.

Lutris Wine version management window

To do this, hover over the Wine tab, which appears below runners in the sidebar. Click on the open box in the form Manage versions button that appears. A window to manage Wine versions will appear.

Lutris will automatically detect and display the latest versions of Wine. It will also show other compatibility layers created by the community, such as Wine GE.

Install your preferred compatibility layer and click Ok to proceed.

Lutris Wine Setup Window

Then move the cursor over the Wine tab in the sidebar, then click the gear shape Set up button that appears.

A Wine configuration window will appear. Click the dropdown box next to Wine version, then choose the compatibility layer you installed.

Lutris main window with the mouse over the Connect to GOG button

To connect the Lutris app to your GOG library, hover over the GOG tab in the sidebar. Click on the person shape Connect button that appears.

Lutris GOG login window

Clicking connect will take you to a GOG login window. Enter your login credentials and click login now.

Lutris main window showing the GOG game library

Once you’ve connected your GOG account to Lutris, your GOG game library will appear in the app. Thanks to Wine, you have the option to install native Linux and Windows GOG games via Lutris.

From here, double-click on the game of your choice to begin installing it.

Lutris game installation window

This window will display different methods to install PC games on Linux. Click on the To install button to proceed.

Lutris game installation window asking to select an installation directory

Then select the folder directory to install your games. By default, the directory will be set to a Games folder in your home directory. Click To install to proceed.

Lutris game installation window asking to download additional content

Your GOG game may include additional content such as wallpapers and in-game art. Lutris will detect any additional content and give you the option to download it. Click Continue to proceed.

Lutris game installation window asking to download installation files

Next, Lutris will show you the installation files that you need to download. Click Continue to start downloading the installation files.

If the game doesn’t install correctly at first, having a cache of the installation files will help. Click on the Cache to set a folder to save the downloaded installation files. You can go back to the installation file cache if you need to install the game again.

Disco Elysium GOG Installer Window

Once the installation files are downloaded, Lutris will open the GOG installer for your game. If you’re installing a Windows-based game, Lutris can run Wine for GOG’s installer. As with any other GOG game installer, you can proceed to install your game from here.

Lutris main window with button

After you have finished installing the GOG game through the installer, Lutris may not detect the installed game. Don’t worry, because you can have Lutris manually detect the game.

To do this, click on the game you installed, then click the drop down arrow button next to the To install button. Finally, click locate installed game.

Lutris Add a new game window

About him Add a new game window, click the Runner drop down menu to select Wine either linuxdepending on the game.

Lutris 'Game Options' tab of the 'Add a new game' window with the game executable selected

Then click on the game options tab, then click Surf in the Executable row to select the EXE file of your game. The EXE file will be in the /dosdevices/c:/GOG Games/ directory.

You can also choose which version of Wine you want to run for your game in the Broker Options eyelash.

Lutris main window with GOG game installed

With your GOG game installed on Lutris, all that’s left to do is press the Play button to start playing!

Installing GOG Games via the Hero Games Launcher

Heroic Games Launcher website

Heroic Games Launcher is a cross-platform game launcher for Epic Games and GOG games. An open source alternative to the Epic Games Launcher, Heroic allows users to install Epic Games and GOG games with ease.

Unlike Lutris, Heroic automatically goes through the game’s installation processes. With this app, you only need to click two buttons to install your favorite GOG games.

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Heroic Games Launcher main window asking to sign in to an account

With the Heroic Games Launcher installed, you’ll need to sign in to your GOG account to connect your GOG game library to the app. Click Log in under the GOG logo to go through the login process.

Heroic Games Launcher Library Window

Once you have connected your GOG account to Heroic, your GOG game library will appear on the Library button in the sidebar.

Heroic Games Launcher Wine Manager Window

Before installing your GOG games, click on the wine manager option in the sidebar. Heroic automatically detects the latest versions of Wine for Lutris, Proton GE and Wine GE. Download the version of Wine of your choice, return to the Library window, and click the Discharge button in the game of your choice to begin the installation.

Heroic Games Launcher asks to install Disco Elysium

If you are installing a Windows-based game, a popup window will ask you to select an installation path, a WinePrefix path, and a Wine version for your game. The default paths in the Games folder will work just fine. Click To install to proceed.

Heroic Games Launcher window showing Disco Elysium installation in progress

From here, all you have to do is wait. Heroic may take some time to download and install the game, depending on its size.

Heroic Games Launcher showing an installed copy of Disco Elysium

Once Heroic finishes installing your GOG game, you may need to restart the app for the changes to take effect. Once you’re done, your GOG game should be ready to play!

Which Linux app should you use to play GOG games?

While both Lutris and the Heroic Games Launcher are capable of playing Windows-based GOG games on Linux, they both have their pros and cons.

Lutris offers gamers a lot of control when it comes to installing and running games. But it also adds a lot of complexity to the process. Meanwhile, you can get GOG games on Heroic with the click of two buttons.

If you just want to sit back and play then you might want to go with Heroic. But if you want to fine-tune your system for the smoothest gaming experience possible, then Lutris will work best for you.

Either way, both apps provide users with amazing gaming experiences on Linux. GOG players can have an even better time on Linux with the right compatibility layer, like Proton GE.

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