10 Mac Apps That Help You Sort Out Your Life

Today, we often talk about the impact of technology in a negative tone. These discussions are based on ideas like people are addicted to smartphones and apps ruin our real life.

But, as is often the case, it’s always been about the apps you choose and how you use them. And you can sort and organize the different aspects of your life with the right apps.

When used regularly, these Mac apps can help you get your life in order in areas like personal finance, mental health, and managing distractions.

1. Green Books

GreenBooks app for Mac
Image credit: green books

Having financial discipline is good, but acquiring it can be difficult for some people. GreenBooks, one of the popular money management apps for macOS and iOS, can help make this transition easier. Unlike the typical financial management apps you come across, GreenBooks has a simple design.

Once you have added all your financial accounts, you can record all your transactions on a regular basis. GreenBooks will turn this data into intuitive charts, trends, and other actionable elements. You can also check out the Direct Connect feature to sync bank account transactions automatically.

So if you can spare a few minutes a day, this Mac app will help you get your financial life in order.

Discharge: green books ($29.99)

2. Daily

Daily App for Mac
Image credit: Daily

Keeping a personal journal comes with its fair share of benefits. However, carrying a physical journal with you everywhere can be a bit cumbersome. And it doesn’t let you save your favorite media inside. But, Diarly, a diary app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, makes everything easier.

You can use Diarly to create powerful personal visual memories of each day. The app offers many templates, which make the journaling process more enjoyable. You can also add reminders, goals, and streaks to each entry to keep the habit alive.

So feel free to check out Diarly if you want to create the habit of journaling regularly.

Discharge: Daily (Free premium version available)

3. Beams

Beams app for Mac
Image credit: beams

With many organizations enabling the WFH culture, many could have a hybrid work environment. While beneficial, keeping track of your meetings, assignments, and other daily schedules can be difficult. Beams is a menu bar app for macOS that helps you eliminate distractions, focus on work, and get more done.

Beams integrates with Slack and Google Calendar to find events and help you get through your day. This app also encourages you to take breaks and syncs information with Slack. You also get reminders and a focus mode so you don’t miss anything important.

If you need a digital assistant to organize your work days, Beams can help.

Discharge: beams (Free)

4. Journal

Daily App for Mac

Knowing how you spend your day is crucial, whether you work hybrid or in an office. However, typical time tracking apps can be hectic and often defeat their purpose. Daily, a time tracking app that stays in your Mac’s menu bar, is an exception.

At customizable intervals, Daily will ask you what you are doing. Depending on her response, she will run a timer and keep records. She gets a variety of controls, such as the timing of the alerts, the type of dialogues, etc. You can also export all this information if necessary.

Daily is a great app that you should install on your Mac if you need hassle-free time tracking.

Discharge: Diary (Free)

5. Good Homework

GoodTask App for Mac

It’s no secret that an efficient task management app can improve your life. Instead of having lots of apps for to-do lists, task management, and scheduling, you can use GoodTask for Mac. GoodTask is a powerful task manager that easily integrates with Apple Calendar and Reminder apps.

You get lots of time-saving features like smart lists, quick actions, snippet support, and multiple display options. It’s also great that GoodTask can scale based on the complexity of your life. For example, you can disable sidebars and other sections if you want a short to-do list. Or, you can choose full mode.

No matter what your purpose, GoodTask is most likely the only task management app you’ll ever need.

Discharge: good homework ($39.99, free trial available)

6. Wokabulary

Wokabulary App for Mac

Most of us have thought about learning a new language at least once. And many would agree that vocabulary is the most challenging part of mastering a language. Wokabulary, a flashcard app for Mac and iOS, makes it easy to learn and remember the new words you pick up in a language.

Unlike a language learning app like Duolingo, Wokabulary focuses on building better vocabulary in almost any language. The spaced repetition model is designed to give you a better understanding of the words you learn. You can also use the tagging system to organize what you have learned.

You can use Wokabulary to ensure that you excel in the language you are learning.

Discharge: Wokabulary (Free)

7. Timeless

Timeless app for Mac

Time anxiety is real and can affect your productivity. Even if you don’t have time anxiety, it’s not good to keep worrying about every passing minute. Timeless is a clock app for Mac that can help you get rid of anxiety about time.

Instead of showing the exact time with minutes and seconds, the Timeless watch will show you a range. You can choose from several angles. For example, you can configure Timeless to display the current part of the day or a range such as 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM.

You should check out Timeless if you think a less specific clock might keep you more relaxed.

Discharge: Eternal (Free in-app purchase available)

8. grapefruit

Grapefruit app for Mac
Image credit: Pink grapefruit

A mood tracker can help you move towards better mental health faster than you think. If you spend most of your time in front of your Mac, you might like Grapefruit, a diary, diary, and mood tracker app. From time to time, Grapefruit will ask you how you feel and you will be able to reply with an available option or a few words.

Grapefruit will also ask you a few questions about your well-being. And you can customize these questions based on what you want to achieve. So, by the end of the week, you will have a clear idea of ​​your mood swings. So it can help you figure out what’s bothering you the most.

If you want to improve your personal care practices, Grapefruit is worth a try.

Discharge: Pink grapefruit ($3.99)

9. Talk

Speeko app for Mac

Improving your public speaking skills is something that can help you at any stage of life. An AI-powered Mac app, Speeko helps you do it at your own pace. You can schedule your learning sessions or have Speeko listen during your meetings.

During training sessions, Speeko can provide you with real-time feedback to improve the way you express your thoughts. For example, he can recognize and remove filler words that he uses most often. The app will also help you optimize your speaking rate.

We think you’ll appreciate the soft skill enhancements that Speeko offers.

Discharge: of Spee (Free premium plan available)

10. Tripsy

trippy app for mac
Image credit: thripsy

Tripsy is a travel management app that you can use on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. You can use Tripsy as a place to store everything related to your upcoming trips instead of relying on multiple trip planning apps. Once you’ve added details about your trip, it will provide you with timely updates, including flight status.

More importantly, you can use this single app to find all your important documents, including tickets, events, and shopping plans. Tripsy also allows you to share travel information with your family, and the feature to forward reservations is very useful.

So if you want to plan your vacation better, Tripsy will definitely help you.

Discharge: thripsy (Free in-app purchases available)

Build a productive life with these apps

We understand that not everyone may need all of these apps. But you’re sure to find at least one app interesting enough to help you get your life in order.

Remember that apps can only do so much on their own. So for the best results, pair these apps with healthy tech habits and other productivity tips.

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